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Don’t get popped with an unreasonable settlement!

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Who is advocating for your damages… Wind or Flood? 

We are four months after Hurricanes Irma and Nate, but the checks may still not equal to the damages.

You need to Understand:

  • the deductibles,
  • the depreciation, and;
  • the replacement costs.

Direct physical loss to your property is pretty broad.  Accepting a check that was just popped in the mail may be unreasonable vs. your damages.

We have clients that are seeing the results of our services and they now have the money needed for repairs. Our success is when you are properly paid for the whole loss and damages.

As licensed public adjusters NAIC, Inc. will investigate, identify, and provide estimate claim reports. Some find it more beneficial overall to hire an attorney or public adjuster for a more streamline process for you and the insurance company.

No Recovery, No Fee. Lets meet to review your claim. 

NAIC is here to help! We effectively:

  • Estimate your loss
  • Personally, investigate your property
  • Document your concerns
  • Scheduling
  • Correspondence
  • Manage your claim
  • Have access to Experts and
  • Negotiate a Final Settlement


  • It is your obligation to: 
    • Report your claim ( 3 years from storm event)
    • Protect the property from further damages
    • Prove your claim
    • Know your rights and duties
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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You got a check…. Is this even accurate?

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Thorough inspections can make a tremendous difference…

Right about now folks are receiving payments from the insurance carriers. That’s a good thing. It is not a secret that the insurance industries resources are thin from the multiple hurricanes this year. They have sent field adjusters from near and far to assist in paying for your damages.

Since not all properties are the same, neither are the damage values.

NAIC, Inc. can re-open your claim and review the finite details.

So you got a check! Now what?

  • How do you know if it accounts for all the damages and even encompasses all your policy benefits? 
    • It is up to you to prove your claim.
      • As license public adjusters and general contractors:
        • We Evaluate the amount of damages and market costs
        • We Identify policy coverages is our business
        • We even work with your contractors
  • We excel in compiling the fine details.
    • Establish your claim position.
      • We estimate your damages
      • We have the team to mobilize on your loss
      • We have the team to mobilize on your loss
      • We manage the entire claim process
      • We file the paperwork
      • We get you a settlement


  • We effectively: 
    • Estimate your loss
    • Personally investigate your property
    • Document your concerns
    • Scheduling
    • Correspondence
    • Manage your claim
    • Access to Experts
    • Negotiate a Final Settlement
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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Watch out for charlatans…

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Be in control…Signing paperwork could be devastating to your recovery…

Beware! There will be tons of unlicensed people claiming to be consultants, appraiser’s and damage evaluators. Only licensed Public Adjusters and Attorneys can represent policyholders! Remember there is way more to a claim than writing an estimate!!

We suggest not making decisions or signing contracts under duress. Make temporary repairs and protect your property from further damages. Then evaluate what to do and whom to hire.

Let us take the wheel to manage your claim and be your insurance claim resource. We like to think that everyone can benefit from our services, but the fact is our firm’s philosophy is for you to obtain the benefits you deserve. No more, no less.

When damages occur we suggest the following:

  • Claim Notification:
    • Contact both your insurance Company and Agent
    • Contact us ( or  877-467-5677)
  • Claim Investigation – On your behalf we:
    • Meet and provide access to insurance company representatives
    • Respond to correspondence and requests
    • Determine claim values and scope of repairs
    • Provide accurate, detailed damage reports
    • Procure and provide access to experts
    • Provide support in alternative dispute resolutions (Mediation & Appraisal)
  • Claim Presentation- We are licensed to:
    • Provide the insurance company your insurance claim and Proof of Loss
    • Identify policy benefits and discuss disputed issues
    • Negotiate a fair and justifiable settlement
  • Protect Property and Temporary Repairs :
    • Hire contractors for emergency services
    • Preserve the damages and mitigate; make temporary repairs
  • Documentation:
    • Insurance Policy
    • Photographs
    • Receipts


  • It is your obligation to: 
    • Report your claim
    • Protect the property from further damages
    • Prove your claim
    • Know your rights and duties
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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Your area may be the next Texas!

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Yeah sure… I always review my insurance policy…

Paying the premium for your property is the first and last time anyone ever thinks of their insurance policy. However, understanding what you are paying for and how this will affect your claim is priority number one!

Texas should not only have us rethinking life and safety issues, but also how much insurance will participate when a loss occurs. It’s not how, but when will a claim happen to your property.

As Hurricane Irma churns in the Atlantic, it is too late to amend your policy or bind coverages, but it is perfect timing to stay in contact with us to navigate the claims process. We can make sure all your benefits and coverages are being applied to your specific loss.

NAIC is there for you – in identifying policy conditions, schedules, endorsements & advocating for property owners we excel.

Lets break the policy down to quickly review some of the vital areas you should consider:

  • Declaration Page
    • Property identified properly?
    • Amount Insured- Home or business adequately insured to value?
      • Structure: Can you rebuild it for that amount?
      • Contents: Is this enough to replace my belongings?
      • Loss of Use/ Business Interruption: Will this amount suffice?
    • Additional Insured- other than named insured that insurance benefits extend (IE: Mortgage Company)
      • Does this apply or must be amended?
  • Endorsements- Adding or taking away of coverage
    • Do you understand how this affects the policy, your damages and premium?
    • Do you need additional coverage?
    • Values increased?
  • Obligations in the event of a claim
    • What are my duties and rights?
  • Flood v Wind v Standard 
    • Do I need all 3 policies?
    • When do each pay?

Ask your agent about the following:

  • Insured to Value
  • Perishable Items
  • Article Floaters- Guns, jewelry, etc. 
  • Screen Enclosures
  • Upgrade to Code

Remember to Always:

  • Seek safety first
  • Locate your insurance policies
  • Protect your property
  • Take plenty of photographs (Pre- Loss & Post-Loss)
  • Retain all receipts- food, hotels, temporary repairs, etc.
  • Identify building plans and/or architectural drawings (if applicable)
  • Report claims within a reasonable time frame.


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Hurricane Harvey… Impacting beyond the Insurance Claim.

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The well being, safety and health of everyone impacted by this devastating hurricane has our prayers.

This is a catastrophic event that will resonate with all of us for a lifetime. Living along the Gulf Coast is a risk we take, the beautiful landscape has that minute chance of turning on us.

Those impacted are under a lot of pressure and stress just trying to maintain normalcy. Keep focused on your needs, family, friends, community, jobs, and/or business; that is always priority. Insurance claims are construction are secondary.

Property Damages and the insurance claim process is not going anywhere! The damage is done, and you have insurance; nothing to worry about. If you need us to advocate for you, please contact us. Engage my firm in the beginning to protect your interest and present your claim.

Tips to address your property damages:

  • Locate your policy and File your claim:
    • Agent Notification or,
    • Insurance Company Directly
  • Be careful who you hire:
    • Not all companies are looking out for your best interest
  • Do not sign contracts under duress:
    • if the Insurance Company has not seen it, we suggest waiting
    • Have a question, Contact Us
  • Mitigate and Protect your property :
    • To the best of your care, custody, and control
  • Collect and Protect your valuables
  • Request Advances
    • Additional Living Expenses( Temporary housing, food, and medical needs)
    • Personal Property (Clothes, furniture, and toiletries)


  • It is your obligation to: 
    • Report your claim
    • Protect the property from further damages
    • Prove your claim
    • Know your rights and duties
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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Predictions Increased for Hurricane Season

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Predictions Increased for Hurricane Season……Who will handle your insurance claim? Why not make it seamless for yourself?

Storm season is upon us and we have been fortunate enough not to have had a hurricane season like 2004. However, a lot has changed within the insurance industry in the past several years:

  • Policy language is more restricted;
  • Insurance companies are opting to repair your property; and
  • Service providers are getting Assignment of Benefits (AOB) of your entire claim- No Payments to You!

There are a lot more moving parts, so when a claim occurs be prepared to really “weather the storm”.

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Be in control of your Claim!

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DIY Insurance claim …. Really? Might as well Self-Medicate too!

Time and again property owners contact us after the fact. That’s not always a bad thing, but for the most part it’s a disaster within a disaster. The insurance company may have their service providers contacting you, or you may get contacted via direct solicitation, whether it be a restoration contractor, roofer, water mitigation company or the alike. Assess who you hire and the costs you incur.

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After the Storm

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The hurricane hits… So why would anyone start construction without knowing the full extent of damages and how much they will be paid?

When a loss occurs you have certain duties that must be met. Navigating a catastrophic loss to multi-residential and commercial properties is much more complex than a homeowners claim.

Nonetheless, no matter the type of property damages you sustain there must be:

  • Acceptance of coverage by the insurance company
  • An agreement as to the amount and cost of repairs
  • Identify how the policy will pay

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A contractor and/or friend wrote me an Estimate, so are we good?

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No, it’s more than just a numbers game…

Writing an estimate is just one step in the claims process. Today’s technology has made everyone an acclaimed “expert”, but let’s really focus on the substantive issue – your property and recovery. Navigating the entire claims process takes skill, knowledge, professionalism and proper licensure.

The claims process is very complex. Complex by way of understanding the dynamics of each particular claim and knowing how to address and present the issues from start to finish.

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11 Years Since a Hurricane?

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Hurricane events will continue to occur throughout our lifetime; it’s important to be prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Looking back, 2004 & 2005 were traumatic years to Florida’s landscape. Floridians are resilient people and veterans to enduring storm damages, rebuilding and insurance. Some parts of our great state have not yet been affected in over 50 years, while others pray not to have a repeat of year’s past.

Hurricane season officially started on June 1st and ends November 3oth. The peak of the season is August through October. There is time to prepare, but if you find yourself a victim of severe weather damage, be proactive when you file your claim.

Insurance claims are a product of hurricanes, and NAIC is part of this process as well. Many policyholders rely solely upon the insurance company to direct them and value their damages; this is not the insurance company’s job! Your insurance policy states that you are to prove your claim. You are entitled to hire a public adjuster or plaintiff attorney to represent your interest. Property insurance claims need proper detailing, management and resources to obtain an equitable settlement. Gaining a settlement is the end result; let NAIC manage the heavy lifting to get you there – start to finish.

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