Our homes are not only the largest investment in our life, but it’s an emotional attachment to the memories and personal possessions that solidify our lives. When damages happen the immediate obligations are to family and employment, not to making decisions for insurance purposes under duress. Having the knowledge and skill set to address the claim enables homeowners to make sound decisions that is best for them. Homeowners should know their loss options and duties under the insurance policy. Taking the emotional attachment from the claim process is key to successfully navigating the claim process. Especially since the burden of proving the claim is up to them, not the insurance company.

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Other Structures/Dwelling Extension
  • Personal Property
  • Additional Living Expense (ALE) / Loss of Use
  • Endorsements

Homeowners look to our firm as a resource to ensure their policy benefits are received and interest is protected. Properly and accurately presenting damage claims is your duty, not the insurance company. Make sure your claim value is being documented and presented properly. Meeting with insurance company representatives, experts and contractors is a necessary step in the process.

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What Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say

This letter is to present our utmost approval of the services received by North American Insurance Consultants. Tristan Towers Homeowners Association utilized their skills in estimation, claims proposals and insurance arbitration. Excess of 2 million dollars were obtained as a direct result of their skill and proper presentation of our claims.

Roger G. Tristan Towers Homeowners Association, Pensacola Beach, FL Pensacola Beach, FL May 23, 2015