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After the Storm

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The hurricane hits… So why would anyone start construction without knowing the full extent of damages and how much they will be paid?

When a loss occurs you have certain duties that must be met. Navigating a catastrophic loss to multi-residential and commercial properties is much more complex than a homeowners claim.

Nonetheless, no matter the type of property damages you sustain there must be:

  • Acceptance of coverage by the insurance company
  • An agreement as to the amount and cost of repairs
  • Identify how the policy will pay

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A contractor and/or friend wrote me an Estimate, so are we good?

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No, it’s more than just a numbers game…

Writing an estimate is just one step in the claims process. Today’s technology has made everyone an acclaimed “expert”, but let’s really focus on the substantive issue – your property and recovery. Navigating the entire claims process takes skill, knowledge, professionalism and proper licensure.

The claims process is very complex. Complex by way of understanding the dynamics of each particular claim and knowing how to address and present the issues from start to finish.

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11 Years Since a Hurricane?

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Hurricane events will continue to occur throughout our lifetime; it’s important to be prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Looking back, 2004 & 2005 were traumatic years to Florida’s landscape. Floridians are resilient people and veterans to enduring storm damages, rebuilding and insurance. Some parts of our great state have not yet been affected in over 50 years, while others pray not to have a repeat of year’s past.

Hurricane season officially started on June 1st and ends November 3oth. The peak of the season is August through October. There is time to prepare, but if you find yourself a victim of severe weather damage, be proactive when you file your claim.

Insurance claims are a product of hurricanes, and NAIC is part of this process as well. Many policyholders rely solely upon the insurance company to direct them and value their damages; this is not the insurance company’s job! Your insurance policy states that you are to prove your claim. You are entitled to hire a public adjuster or plaintiff attorney to represent your interest. Property insurance claims need proper detailing, management and resources to obtain an equitable settlement. Gaining a settlement is the end result; let NAIC manage the heavy lifting to get you there – start to finish.

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